Founded in 1979 to promote the centralization of state regulation of water and sewer utilities, the Independent Water and Sewer Companies of Texas (IWSCOT) is a nonprofit educational trade association of privately owned water and sewer utilities serving more than 100,000 consumers statewide. 


IWSCOT's primary mission is to keep its member utilities informed on changing state and federal regulations affecting their ability to provide continuous and adequate utility service at rates that are fair to both consumers and utilities.

Directors:  Mike Farrell, Malcolm Bailey, John McClellan, Simon Sequeira, Ron Payne, Catherine Kendrick, Matthew Garlick, Montel Rutledge, Tom Hodge, Shelley Young, Beecher Vaillancourt, Pam Clark, Glen Lewis

Associate Directors:  Marvin Morgan, George Neill, Heather Nehila, Geoff Kirshbaum


President:  Beecher Vaillancourt

Vice President:  Water, Glen Lewis; Sewer, Malcolm Bailey

Secretary:  Pam Clark

Treasurer:  John McClellan